School is now closed for the summer holidays. Have a great time and see you in September. School starts on Tuesday 8th September. Post 16 dates may vary. Click Here to view the RSDD Twitter feed!


Welcome to Royal School for the Deaf Derby, a child centred day and weekly residential school (4 nights boarding), which provides deaf children aged from 3 – 19 with access to language (English and BSL), literacy and all curriculum areas. It promotes a strong sense of identity and prepares young people for adult life.

Our Vision Statement is as follows:

  • We are a signing and speaking community where the languages and cultures of both deaf and hearing people are valued
  • We develop our pupils’ skills in BSL and English, and these are taught and assessed formally
  • We offer individual programmes to meet each pupil’s needs.  Some secondary pupils attend mainstream schools and colleges for part of their curriculum delivery and the primary department has developed two-way links with local primary schools.  Deaf pupils from mainstream schools attend RSDD for BSL, Deaf Studies and other options
  • We promote a positive sense of identity for all pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life in both deaf and hearing communities
  • We encourage parents of deaf children to visit our school and experience the breadth of our provision     
  • We offer training and outreach to mainstream staff and individual pupils

There is also a copy of our vision statement available in the General Information of the Sidebar Menu.

Quad Derby arranged an outdoor screening of Paddington at Royal School for the Deaf Derby on Friday 14 August 2014. Unfortunately the torrential rain meant we had to use the Sports Hall instead of our outdoor stage but a great evening was had by everyone:
Paddington Screening