How Negotiation Skills Can Help You Succeed

Negotiation seems interesting when you watch movies and see people calming a situation or talking someone out of something and getting the best for everyone. Well, in real life, negotiation is talking, but it isn’t as eventful as you see it in movies. What it can be, however, is a great asset to you on your road to success. Here is how.

Active Listening Can Always Help You

Active listening means that you do not just listen to what someone is saying, but also what they are not saying. It also means looking for non-verbal language and everything which might signal you what that person is thinking or even more important, feeling. Getting the tone of a conversation early on means that you can catch a lot of things before things turn bad.

Active listening can help you by providing you with more information than you would have obtained without paying attention to all the details, verbal and non-verbal. It is a skill which can be trained, of course, one which when mastered, can propel you up the ladder. Whether you get more successful by landing a good job or by negotiating a deal, active listening helps. Even your private life could get better, paying special attention to your family or partner’s needs.

Preparation – Be the Batman of Success

If you look at the Batman, he does his preparation all the time, whenever he has time for it, so rigorously, in fact, that his adversaries often find it difficult to win. While you will probably not have access to billions of dollars and lots of technology, a butler and excessive physical training, you will have time to prepare, and the internet to help you.

Do your research, no matter what you are preparing for, a business deal, an interview or even a date. Being prepared, having the necessary information beforehand, if possible, can make your path to success easier.

Be Mindful of Your Emotions

Just think of what Yoda often advises his Jedi, as well as Qui-Gon Jinn, as their advice is very sound, especially when going on interviews and business deals. This can also help you keep a level head in various stressful situations, like being stuck in traffic or getting into minor accidents or disputes. Being level-headed can help you get your way out of very dangerous situations or help calm down people who stressed themselves.

Combine this skill with active listening and you can overcome both your emotions and help the person you are talking to. Pay attention to your emotions and why they are sparking at any given moment, if possible. That insight should help you if not overcome triggering situations, then avoid them.


Take the time to learn negotiation skills, the ones mentioned above and anything else you might find on negotiation. All of these things can help you succeed because they translate to overall people skills, both when interacting with others and yourself. Your business and private life can become better from learning how to negotiate.