Why is Education so Important in Our Lives

Since the dawn of time, humans have been evolving and learning. That is the only way we could have prospered and by realizing that, humans have turned to knowledge and creativity and work on improving themselves and the world around them. Knowledge is important for many reasons, if not evolutionary ones. The more personal reasons, those people can easily connect with, are far more immediate.

Education Keeps Us Sane

Remember the times when people used to burn other people and hang them for various crimes thought to be committed because they were different from what the group which did the hanging believed? Fortunately, none of us do, because that happened a couple of centuries ago.

Today, people often take other strange things for granted or look to science for explanations, if they even want an explanation. More often than not, news reaches us when everything is already deduced and with a couple of theories to explain an event. The word travels really fast over the internet.

With education, we can avoid tumbling in the dark, knowing how the world around us works, not blaming our fellow humans for things we do not understand.

Education Gives Us Jobs

Education, whether formal or online, grants you knowledge which you can turn to profit. Some jobs are directly related to how much you know, like development. Some jobs require a lot more attention to details and taking in information, processing it and finding the best result. Such a job would be the position of CEO at any company.

The more you know, the more you can translate that knowledge into profit, which is important, after all, because you have to live off something.

Education Gives Us Health

How does education give us health? Well, the more you know about yourself, about how the human body works, the more you can do to prevent some unwanted situations but also enhance your current situation.

Your body can directly benefit from all the things you know and add into your daily schedule. This can benefit your overall health, your workouts and general welfare, physical and mental. Both are important to be functional.

Education Gives Us Freedom

Think of snakes, being afraid of them. You know that there are plenty of venomous ones, yet you think that each snake will kill you with a single bite, within half an hour. That is completely untrue, as there are plenty of snakes which are not venomous or those which have a less potent venom.

On the other hand, not all snakes will bite you and let their venom enter your body. This is especially true of mature snakes. A warning bite is more than enough, depending on how much you get in their face, literally. Knowledge can help you overcome your fear. You will still probably dislike snakes, but know that not all of them pose a threat to you.

Education can give us opportunities, set us free, provide us with anything, so long as we are ready to use it practically, consistently.