The Advantages of Online Learning – Learning Online Has Its Benefits

The internet has been here for more than 20 years. In its early days, it was slow and there wasn’t much to be found online. Fast forward a decade and you already have CasinoLuck, file sharing and video sharing services, access to many files. Fast forward another decade and you have access to almost everything.

This, while overwhelming, means that a person can learn just about anything if they put in the time and effort. Paying for a source is unnecessary when you have access to anything over the internet. Online learning has its benefits, apart from being readily available to everyone with an internet connection.

Access to Anything – Knowledge at the Palm of Your Hands

The power of the sun at the palm of my hands said Doctor Octopus once. Well, you might not be able to harvest thermonuclear reactions and use it as an infinite energy source, but you can certainly learn about thermonuclear reactions, the Sun and anything else you desire.

The internet has documents on almost all topics, from how to build a nuclear bomb to how to prepare coffee. This amount of knowledge allows you to at least gather enough data to start your journey (sorting the data and filtering it is another story).

It is beyond difficult to make an excuse today, about failing to learn something, with so much information being available, whether from regular knowledgeable people or from certified teachers and university professors.

General Knowledge and Specific Details

Likely, you will be able to find general information about a specific topic, for example, how to play the guitar. After a year or so, you will have mastered the basics, provided you put in the work, and then you start wondering about advanced topics like vibrato, chord progressions in jazz, chromatic scales and more.

As the internet is full of everything, information on these topics can easily be found. You might have to pay something, as advanced topics are often taught by experts, but sometimes, people break them down on forums and other similar sites. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can have access to information, for free.

The Availability of Teachers

With everything connected, and universities from all over the world having their own sites and information, you could easily get in touch with a professor of your choice, the one you need in order to further your studies or to apply for a position or organize an event.

You could easily reach a teacher in the United States, in Australia, India, Japan or anywhere else, for that matter. This means that if you want to learn from them, they might be willing to indulge you, for a price or for free, depending on the teacher and subject.

Comfort and Solitude

Some people thrive in classrooms, while others feel inhibited and afraid to speak out an interact. While the latter is a problem of its own, one that may hinder success in the future, it does not need to hinder learning at the present moment.

Online learning solves that, as it allows the people to learn from the comfort of their homes, without having to join a group of people or even go out. You could learn from teachers by using video calls or you could learn by reading online literature or watching tutorials.


Online learning has many benefits, from the sheer amount of knowledge, its availability provided you have internet access, beginner and advanced topics, the possibility of learning alone and in groups, to group discounts and free content. Online learning is a bit part of our future.