How to Quickly Find Things Online – Tips to Improve Your Search

The internet is full of stuff you might find interesting. Whatever you wish to find, you can probably find online. You will be able to find even more things, some which you didn’t want to find in the first place. Searching the internet is a skill which needs to be learned and practiced in order for you to find what you need without wasting any time. Whether you are looking for a concrete piece of information, such as the Virgin Casino promo code 2019 or a more general tip on how to organize your room best, here are some tips on how to improve your search.

Focus on the Results – Filter What is Unnecessary

You need to know which results to eliminate immediately. Off the top of the page, you can safely eliminate the top couple of results, especially if you do not have an ad blocking browser extension. The first two or three spots, depending on the search engine are saved for advertisements.

The next couple of spots are either the most important links and answers to your search, or the sites which paid the most to get their name on the first page for a specific keyword. Learn to skim the page and eliminate what looks like a paid advertisement, sites which do not contain the content you require.

Advanced Search Engine Commands – Precise Results, not General Ones

If you want precise results, you want to use advanced commands to include or eliminate words which might be unnecessary to your query. Likewise, you may want to conduct a search on a specific site or to search for exact phrases. Using advanced commands gets you closer to the result. Try not to be far too specific, as some words may be jumbled and you might end up not finding what you wanted in the first place. A search too specific is as bad as a search too broad.

Use AutoComplete

AutoComplete, Google’s way of predicting your search based on what people have already searched is a great way to find results which are relevant to your search. Google’s AI is getting better and better at anticipating your queries. Make the most of this and you will likely find the result you seek, quicker.

Use Different Search Engines

If Google does not find your result, try Bing or Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, whichever search engine finds the result. Try and stick to multiple engines, if you are seeking something specific. If you cannot find it, take a break and then try a new approach with different keywords and phrases. If that does not work, start asking for help on forums or Quora.

Browsing the internet, searching for topics relevant to you can be a nightmare with so much content being uploaded on a daily basis. Use the search engines to maximize your productivity and find things in no time at all.