How to Practice Your Interview Skills – Become Better at Interviews

Going to an interview can be a frustrating thing, as a lot can depend on your first impression. Sometimes, that does not matter, as you will get multiple tests even after an interview, let’s say when applying for the position of a developer. In that case, your experience and skills are more important.

You might not even get that opportunity if you fail to leave a good impression on your potential employers. This is where your charisma and interview skills will come in handy. Practice makes perfect and here is how you can practice.

Simulation Interviews

One of the best things to do is to have a simulation interview, in order to get a feel of how a real interview might look like. You are likely to know what the employer is going to ask you, so you can prepare someone to do the interviewer’s job. Prepare your own answers and try and stay relaxed, which is the most important thing to do in an interview. You are not trying to sell anything other than yourself, and lying to your employer, even in a simulation, is likely to be discovered later, which can get you into trouble.

Work on Your Insecurities

If you have any problems regarding interviews, like being afraid to speak in front of strangers, you should tackle that problem head-on. No matter how hard you prepare and how well you know your work, you can end up stuttering or being silent when you should not be.

To remedy this specific type of fear, you should go and do karaoke. Singing in front of complete strangers will help you get through things. Either that or find a way to get on a stage, and talk in front of people. Being relaxed should be the goal, removing any feelings of discomfort.

If other things are troubling you, like lack of knowledge, then you should learn about your specific field, then leave for an interview. It’s better to spend more time bettering yourself than to start working without experience unless your potential employer wants inexperienced employees to mold and train.

Do Actual Interviews

You do not have to just prepare for that one single interview if you are in fear of being rejected. Going to multiple interviews, with the intention of getting a job, but also of getting an idea of how interviews work, should be more than enough to prepare you for anything, especially rejection. Being rejected is a normal thing, and if you are told the reasons why, you can put that information to use and better yourself for the next interview. Try not to take things to heart, because business is business.

Learn the Appropriate Language and Gestures

Going on actual interviews should teach you how to behave at interviews, but taking the time to learn the appropriate language and the inappropriate, you should make a better impression.

A couple of things to have in mind is not to be familiar with the interviewer, not to be over-talkative or completely silent, to listen and to answer when necessary. A calm demeanor should help you get through and remember all the details of how to behave.


Following these tips, you should become a master at interviews, thus more likely to land that job you have always wanted.