How to Find Your Most Productive Time for Learning – Be Productive at the Right Time

Our bodies can often tell us a lot of things if we pay enough attention. Craving for sweets can also be a sign, not just that you want to eat sweets, but that you are lacking something in your body, a macro or micronutrient. On the other hand, when you are trying to learn but unable to do so, you might just be trying far too hard, or at a time of day where your body does not respond well to learning. This goes for exercising as well as knowledge. Some people do not function well in the morning, while others do not function well in the evening.

To get the best out of yourself, you should find the right time of day to learn, physically and mentally.

Gather Information – Self Analysis

The best way to start improving is to gather data on yourself. You cannot hope to progress if you do not know what to expect from yourself. You need to figure out how you feel in every part of the day and whether a specific time of the day can affect your mood and overall attitude. For example, some people have great focus when very sleepy, yet you are prone to making more unintentional mistakes then. Mental work while sleepy might be better, but physical work starts to suffer.

With enough data, you should be able to organize your day better.

Work and Rest – Too Much of Anything can be Bad

If you try and work while you are tired of unfocused, you will likely either do a very poor job or end up being frustrated over not doing the job quickly enough or just because you are unfocused. All of these things are signs that you should stop and take a break. Eating, working out, walks, anything that keeps your mind off the work you wanted to do, should be good enough to relax you.

Embrace Yourself – Every Time of the Day is Good for Something

Be smart about your time. If you can be productive in the evening, then use that time to be productive. If your best work is done in the morning, then use that time. The remaining time, when your work gets progressively less effective, turn to other things you love doing. Every time of the day is precious and can be used for something you enjoy doing, from hobbies to sitting in silence.


Your most productive time of the day is yours to discover, as well as how you feel throughout each hour of the day. Find your time and use it, all of it, every moment.