How to Build a Strong Team Spirit – A Closer Team Does Better

When working in a team environment, it is important to know the people around you, as you will be unable to do things otherwise. If you fail to recognize what your coworker is trying to tell you, even non-verbally, you might get into an argument, or simply slow down your progress.

If you are playing sports or esports, having a dysfunctional team can lead to losses, and loss of team spirit, which is always detrimental. In order to improve team spirit and cooperation, you should consider the following tips.

Building Bonds Makes a Team Stronger

A team cannot go far if they have no connection with one another. In order to become better at working together, a group of people should know about each other. They should know some things related to work, of course, like everyone’s weaknesses and strengths. That is important because then one can cover for another, like cogs in a machine, adding oil where necessary. If a cog is close to being broken, the cog next to it can notice that and add sufficient support until the damage can be repaired.

In human terms, that means that if the people in the team know one another and are familiar enough, friends even, they can provide emotional or professional support when things go bad.

Team Building Exercises

Team building is great, but not if some people do not feel like doing the exercises or even worse if they dislike the exercises. You should find something that everyone loves doing and then do it. Team building trips, vacations, nights out, sports, gaming nights, meals, anything that the people in the group are fond of should help strengthen their bonds.

Trial by Fire – Hard Times Can Connect People

This does not mean you should put your team, if you have one, through a gauntlet in hopes that they will bond and become stronger. This means that if people are challenged enough, they will have to resort to working together to overcome a challenge, to do things stress-free. A challenge can also point out the different weaknesses in the team, who gets offended, who turns to despair, who tries to remedy the situation. All of those are great pointers to things you can fix, or replace. A team is not set in stone just because they are called a team.

Be Responsible – Every Team Member Should Be Responsible for Their Actions (or lack of)

In order for a team to function well, every member must be responsible and willing to take responsibility for their own doings or wrongdoings. If you need to, hold everyone responsible and keep them in check. A team needs to do these things on their own, recognizing mistakes and fixing them.

The ability to be responsible and work on your own problems can be satisfying and can also bond people. People who are confident are much better at doing tasks, especially when they know they can work around issues, their own and that of their teammates.


Building a team requires time, patience and lots of empathy. People need to be able to be responsible, emphatic and ready to work on their own problems, as well as help others around them. A strong connection requires effort and consistency, which a good team will eventually get.