Can YouTube and Social Media Sites Teach You?

Social media sites are popular today, where everything from feeling to threats is shared on a daily basis. Some people post stuff multiple times a day. YouTube is full of videos, all kinds, from music videos, guides, reviews, podcasts, and much more. All of these things can be entertaining, but, is social media good for anything else? Can you learn anything from social media? The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is a bit more complicated. People use the Internet to for all sorts of things, from how to plant a tree to learning about Betting odds

YouTube – A Gold Mine or Headache Mine?

YouTube is a site which offers you anything from entertainment to learning material. To say that YouTube has only stuff which is funny and produces laughter would be wrong. As a video sharing service primarily, YouTube has videos, many of which are just personal blogs.

Some people share their experiences when creating something, others use YouTube to make a living, posting reviews, guides, and tutorials of all kinds.

YouTube has a lot of content, really. You would have to pick your content before you start trusting it as a source of information. Then, you would have to double check the poster to see whether their information is valid. It can be a tedious process many avoid doing, therefore ending up with half-baked information or bad information. This is not a fault of the site, but the users who rather just watch then check to see the quality of the content prior to picking up all the advice.

Other Social Media Sites – Facebook, Twitter and More

If YouTube is a mess, then other social media sites can be even worse. People often post their opinions or stuff which is everything but productive or helpful. But, there are people dedicated to sharing stuff which can help you learn, get better and improve. On Facebook, particularly, there are groups of people who are dedicated to learning and improving, in specific skills. Some are DIY experts, others good at electronics, some at specific languages. Twitter can also be used to connect to teachers and other people who are knowledgeable about certain topics.

Social Media Sites as Research Grounds

The best thing about social media sites, apart from the learning groups, is the amount of data posted there every day. You can use an extract that data for your research. Social media sites make surveying much easier. It is one of the best ways of obtaining data today, free and with access to many people, various ethnic groups.

You can use data from YouTube videos to analyze the movements and track trends. There is a famous option when you right-click a video called stats for nerds. These stats are great when conducting research.


So, the long answer comes down to you and your readiness to apply yourself and find the things which can help you. Social media sites have tons of content, parts of which are great and can be used as educational resources. Finding that content takes some skill and a bit of luck.