Best Sites With Online Courses

Learning online has many benefits, from the availability of knowledge to courses that were specifically made to accommodate beginners or advanced students. There are plenty of sites which you can visit, just like Heart Bingo has a lot of sister sites, but not all of them have the same quality of courses. Some sites offer discounts while others will make you pay through your nose. Here are the sites which can teach you what you want to know, and for a fair price.


There are not many sites which offer free courses and paid ones which are as high-quality as the courses you can find on edX. This site is dedicated to providing its users with the best possible courses and teachers from all over the world. The site is partnered with over 120 institutions, including famous universities such as Berkeley, MIT, Harvard and many more, all over the world, Chinese, French, Italian, Australian, South Korean, you name it, they are the edX’s partners.

Their open source platform, called open edX is another tool which you can use to learn. Its development is fully open source, meaning that anybody can contribute to its development and make it a better tool for learners and teachers worldwide. Open source also means free, for those unfamiliar with the term.

On the other hand, their paid courses do cost money, but you have access to university professors, which is the highest level of education you can obtain.


Udemy is a very good site. It often provides high-quality content, allowing everyone to be teachers. That means that you can learn about a lot of subjects. Their interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate and use. Appropriate filters will help you find your way through their database. They have plenty of affiliates who will gladly supply you with a discount code. Simply add the code when on checkout. You can also get discounts when buying multiple courses. They also have their own promotions, some courses being on discount more than others, at a given time, like any other promotion.


Lynda is one of the best sites for learning as they offer you their complete database of courses for a monthly subscription. This model, while it can be overwhelming, can help you learn more if you are willing to use the time you have with the courses. They are focused on creativity, business, and technology, programming specifically. Take note that not every course will be the same quality, as various people can create courses. Some may be better teachers than others. Like Udemy, they may have promotional periods every now and then.

Open Culture

Open, it means free, right? It does. Open culture provides you with a database of books, electronic books, movies, courses and courses with certificates, from various online universities. While they do not host any of the materials on their site, meaning they are not the provider, the content they list is completely free. Their database is very large if that is any of your concern. You will likely find something on the topic you like.


These are the top sites with paid and free courses. Many of them offer discounts and have promotional periods. Make sure to visit them often if you want to stay updated on those discounts, well, at least the sites which charge you for their content.